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Unless Specified Glass working Tools and Materials are not included in the class fee, but are available for purchase here at Western Art Glass. 

Please confirm the class schedule dates with your schedule.  We do not offer makeup classes if you miss one.  Each week valuable information is shared and learned, if you miss a class, you will miss learning technique.

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5 Projets in 5 Weeks         6:15 'til 9:00 pm        $350

*On the horizon for Late Summer

Color StacksFloral Vases


 This is a continuation of the Beginning course in Fusing and Slumping.  You will make a project each week that is not created in any other classes.  Projects include a color stack, vases, a coral bowel and a sandblasted design of your choice that is then overlayed with a mica shimmer.  You must have fusing and cutting glass exerience.  The class fee includes all suppiles and materials for all 5 projects.  You must provide your own cutting tools.

Drop Rings           6:15  ' til 9:00 pm           $229

Thursdays  May 7th - 21st      *Full



This is a class within the Fused and or Hot Glass category.  You must have fusing experience and or completed the beginning Fusing and Slumping class.  You will create (2) vases by way of what is called the 'drop ring' and or 'sagging' the glass through an opening'. One vase will be made in clear and transparent glasses and 1 in opaque. You will accessorize and or style your vases with sheet glass, confetti, frits, stringers and pebbles  This technique requires cold working aspects  by way of the use of saws, sand blasting and the sanders.  You must supply your own basic cutting tools.  All glass, supplies and materials are included in the class fee.

Beginning Fusing & Slumping  6:15 pm 'til 9:00 pm $189

Wednesdays  June 3rd - 24th


 Beginning Fusing & Slumping  Fused small plates and bowls

This is a HOT class!  Learn a method of glass working by way of using a kiln.  In this (4) consecutive week class, you will explore a variety of beginning techniques for using fusible materials which include copper sheeting, copper wire, glass frits, noodles and stringers to incorporate with your glass.  You will design and take home all your projects.  You will learn about firing schedules, tools and ideas to create your projects each week.  Projects include magnets, jewelry pendants, coasters, bowls and last but not least, the final project will be either a dinner plate, a bowl or a sushi plate, it is your choice.  You will need to provide your own cutting tools and System 96 COE fusible glass that are available for purchase here at Western Art Glass.


Combing 6:15 pm 'til 9:00 pm $159

Wednesdays February  25th - March 11th      *Full  Waitlist Available

                                               Combing Square

An advanced fusing technique.  You will learn the art of combing and raking a mix of molten glass at an utmost ‘hot’ temperature.  You will learn to use hot glass tools and safety equipment for manipulating glass at an excessive temperature.  Class is (1) night a week for 3 weeks.  Cold working techniques will also be covered in this hands-on class.  You will need to provide your own cutting tools.  Fusing and glass cutting experience required.  You will be cutting many strips of glass, most glass will be supplied within the class fee, but depending on your desired colors, you will need to supply some fusble 96 glass for your art piece.  Class fee also includes the use of the combing tool.  You will create (1) combing and incorporate it into a finished masterpiece that may be left flat or you may choose to have it slumped.

Pattern Bars   6:15 p.m.  ‘til  9:00 p.m. $350 


  Pattern Bars

Another advanced fusing technique.  A pattern bar is a thick bundle of glass that has been fused together to form a sold mass and or a solid block. Once fused and cooled, you will slice it with the saw and then the inside of the block hence the sliced pieces are laid flat and becomes your kaleidoscope design.  You will decide how you want to incorporate your pattern bars into finished art pieces.  All glass for your bars is included in the class fee.  You will need to purchase system 96 fusible glass for your final projects.  Class is one night a week for 5 weeks.  You will be required to use saws and cold working equipment.  You will each create (4) styles of pattern bars.  Fusing experience is required and or the completion of the fusing and slumping class.


Side Stack Strip Construction  6:15 ' til 9 pm    $299


                  Strip Construction         Side Stackers


Whereas the traditional fusing method of assembling a design from pieces of flat glass that are cut to a specific size and shape and kiln formed, the strip cut construction method takes on quite a different approach.  Strips of glass at least 3/8”  will be side-stacked on edge, dammed and fired.  Due to the side-stacking of the glass, the finished piece of fused glass is generally bubble-free.  It is possible to achieve very precise graphic designs in your work by varying the colors and the arrangement of the strips.  You will learn how to incorporate ‘windows’ and or design elements into your project. The finished piece will be thick and requires some cold-working with the tile saw and sanders.  You must have fusing and glass cutting experience.  You will be cutting an extensive amount of glass strips.  Some system 96 glass and design accessory glass elements are included in the fee. You are responsible for your desired finished color glass for your final project. Basic glass cutting tools are required. 


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