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Unless Specified Glass working Tools and Materials are not included in the class fee, but are available for purchase here at Western Art Glass.

Please review the class dates and confirm with your schedule.  We do not offer makeup classes if you miss one.  Each week of a class is important for learning the technique.

*See the registration policies page and then call to sign up!

If you would like to get up to date information on current class schedules and events, please send us an email list  with a request to add your email address to our private list.

                            Stained Glass Classes   


Beginning Copper Foil                6:15 'til 9:00 pm                     $159

*On the horizon for late summer.



This is the introductory course in stained glass working.  The copper foil technique is the method most used for smaller panels, sun-catchers, jewelry boxes, lamp-shades, holiday tree ornaments and many other possibilities.  You will learn all the steps to complete one panel.  These steps include safety, pattern prep, cutting, fitting, foiling and soldering. And then you will complete your panel by applying metal framing and hooks for hanging.  The night class is (1) night a week for five consecutive weeks.  Class fee includes a project board, metal frame and chain for hanging your panel and various miscellaneous supplies to complete your class project in the Copper Foil Method.  You are responsible for tools and supplies which is advised to purchase here at Western Art Glass.  This is the pre-requisite for the lead class. You may view the list and tools required on the took kits page here on our website. 

Glass, Solder and Foil are not included in the class fee.

 *If you are only interested in learning how to cut glass, you may sign up for week 1 of a scheduled session and for a $40 workshop fee, you will be cutting glass in not time!


Garden Stepping Stones     6:15 p.m. 'til 9  p.m.          $99

Thursdays  May 11th - 25th 


Add a little pizazz and color with a Stepping Stone to your garden, walkway and or just place them on the deck or the porch.  This project can be done with already established cutting skills or if you have little and or minimal cutting skills, you will create your stepping stone in a mosaic style of glass creating. You will choose your own pattern from our selection. This class is all about  the 'indirect' method of creating a stepping stone which requires you to cut out the stained glass design as well as mixing and 'pouring' the solid stone grout.  You will create 1 stone in either an 8" square or an 8" circle.  Your choice. You will mix your own grout, use reindforcment and weather seal it once done.   You will take home the re-useable mold after class to create as many stones additional stones as you like.  You are responsible for your own cutting tools as well as the glass for the project.  All other materials and supplies are included in the class fee to create a finished stone.  Class is 1 night a week for 3 weeks.

Glass is not included in the class fee.

Panel Lamps             6:15 p.m. ‘til 9 p.m.                            $179

Class is on the annual horion for Fall / Winter 2017

Panel Lamp  Loon LampLamp Class 11:12-3

Learn the techniques and know-how to create and assemble a panel style lamp shade.  You may use an already designed lamp pattern or design one of your own with instructor approval.   These lamp shades will be assembled and created by way of the copper foil method.  You will learn about reinforcement, assembling multiple sides together as well as incorporating the lamp hardware.  You decide on your pattern and design for a multi-sided lamp of 4 up to 8 sides.  Class is (1) night a week for 5 weeks.  You are responsible for tools, glass, supplies and materials to create (1) lamp shade. Class Fee Includes lamp cap, reinforcment wires and bottom edging finishing came. Lamp bases are not included in the class fee.   This project requires homework and you will need your own grinder at home to work on it in-between class nights.  Copper Foil & Cutting Experience Required. 
*Photos examples of panel lamps.  Last class of 3 student's finished lamps Awesome job  :) 

Beveled Snowflake Workshop  6:15 p.m. 'til  9:30 p.m.       $79

*Class is on the annual horizion for Winter 2017

                                                 Beveled SnowflakeAnother Beveled Flake

It's that time of year again for holiday gift making and decor ideas.  We only offer this workshop once a year and it tends to fill up quickly, so don't hesitate to get a spot.  This is a 1 night only workshop.  This project is done in the copper foil method, no glass cutting for this project, but soldering experience is required.  You will create one snowflake in somewhat of your own configuration as well as your own choice of colored pebbles. Class fee includes all materials for 1 snowflake.  You are responsible for soldering tools, foil and solder. Class Fee includes all the glass components of the bevels as well as the colored glass nuggets.


Kaleidoscopes 101             6:15 'til 9:00 pm                     $99


Kaleidoscope 1o1

A kaleidoscope is, at its heart, a symmetry machine.  Every kaleidoscope, from the simplest to the most complex, uses a prism of mirrors to generate symmetric patterns of ligth and color from asymmetric objest.  It may be that the essential joy in looking into a kaleidoscope comes from the amazement of discovering symmetry in objects where none are expected.  This is a timeless toy for all ages to enjoy.  Great gift giving idea for any occaission.  Although you will be creating the kaleidoscope in the copper foil method, you will each be creating your (2)  image wheels in the fused glass method, but will also learn how to create the wheels in the copper foil method for future kaleidoscope making.  You will each create 1 kaleidoscope.  *All materials including the hardware for creating the kaleidoscope are included in the class fee.  You are responsible for your own glass tools and soldering supplies to create the project.  Soldering Experience is Required.



LEAD                 6:15 p.m. ‘til 9 p.m.                     $175


Leaded panel.Old into NewDansie

*Pictures are examples of past lead commissions of Western Art Glass.

Lead is the advanced method in tradtional glass working.  You must have copper foil experience to register for this class.  You will need LEAD working tools along with your owb basic glass working tools. As Lead is for specific types of designs, you will be choosing a pattern from our provided selection for you to LEARN the technique.  Once class is completed, you will be well on your way to do your own choice of patterns.  PLEASE, again this is an advanced class, be prepared that the basics of glass working are not covered and instruction is specific for teaching and working with the Lead technique. You will be creating (2) Lead panels.  One panel is an intro practice panel on how Lead works.  Glass and supplies are included for the intro 1st panel.  Panel 2 that you select from our designs, glass will be your class project.  Copies of the pattern to scale are included in your class fee.  Glass, supplies and materials for this panel are in addition to the class fee and tools.  Class is 1 night a week for 5 weeks scheduled over 6 calendar weeks. 

*A Lead working project board will be supplied for use during the length of the CLASS.


**View our registration page for HOW TO sign up.  Hope to see you in a class!


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