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Painted Glass.  Usually more than 1 method of glass craftsmanship to create the end result.  


                    Kokapelli SUC51063

Hand Painted Kokapelli & Leaded Glass.  2010.                             Chief Sitting Bull.  Fused Color & 

                                                                                                 Screen Printed.   2006

Desert Petroglyph

Southern Utah Indian Image.

Kiln Formed & Hand Painted.



Painted Moon and Sun Face Designs. Leaded Glass Panels.

Orion Constellation in the Moon Panel with faceted clear jewels.  Each panel 34"  x 34"                                                                                     

Leaded Panel Door Custom Glass Cast Jewels 


Financial Business is located in an

National Historical Building.

22"  x 39"  Financial Business Logo for

a bathroom door. Painted and kiln fired

business logo.  Custom Glass casted jewels

to match the existing historical lamp fixture.

 Historial Light Fixture.



Family Crest           image002

Leaded.  Hand Painted.  Glass-Plated. Original paper imaged supplied by client.

Framed in Oak.   

            Family Crest Doors Family Crest - Left

Custom Family Crest Design.  Interior door

panel.  Leaded.  Hand-painted, kiln-fired

elements.  23k gold foil, fused and hand

gilded for the center shield. 2 Panels.

Interior Door Panels.  Lions to face eachother

in install of the clients home.

*Family name in upper banner has been

blurred for client's privacy and to publish

in our portfolio.  Finished size is 26"  x 92"

Insulated glass Unit.

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