Stained Glass Studio

                          Glass is your Canvas;

         7 Image Techniques for Printing on Glass

Extensive 4 Day Class October 5th - 8th  9:30 - 6:00 each day

*1 Spot Available due to a Cancellation

                                             Gail Stouffer                                          

Gail Stouffer teaches workshops and classes in glass as well as other mediums in her studio in the Texas Hill Country as well as various venues around the country.  One of those venues is Western Art Glass in October. She is the Director of Educational Content at specializing in kilns and equipment.  She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Long Island University and a Masters Degree in Art Education from Texas Tech University. 

Course Description

  glasscanvas2_000           Glass Canvas
Layering imagery allows us to create visual richness and depth. Each layer applied can create a fabric-like background that allows additional focal images to float in the foreground. There are a number of different techniques and products that can be utilized to create these layers, each one delivers a unique quality that can enhance or detract from the artist's vision for the work. In this workshop, we'll concentrate on the 7 most important image-making techniques to utilize on the glass canvas.

Students will work with glass enamels, glass paints, glass powders, micas, stencil cutters, frisket and specialty films. Gail will cover the following methods for applying images to glass: screen printing, airbrushing, photo resists, powder printing, custom decals, direct painting, and masking and stenciling. This range of techniques will give students a comprehensive foundation of know how to express themselves visually using a wide range of images and sources. There will be lots of discussion about when and why one would select one process over another.

The class concept for designs, ideas and images are different and unique per student. Techniques will be covered, but keep in mind, a great glassterpiece is all about planning, thought and preparation.   Each student will need to plan to bring pictures of their life experiences including of your home - exterior views, now or when you were growing up. Report cards and or certificates of completion, awards and or a birth certificate. Memories and or a future concept of life perhaps.  Photos of yourself, family members or friends. ANY EPHEMERA THAT WILL HELP TELL YOUR STORY.  And of course if that is just not comfortable for you, now is the time to make up a great choose the story to tell....this is art, this is what you make it.

                                                 canvas 2

Students will create (6) sample tiles to learn and experiment with the printing techniques to then use these learned techniques to then create (2) complete 10 x 10  works, highlighting their own personal history, focusing on childhood and love or whatever personality you choose to represent.  Each piece will consist of patterns, colors, and textures, overlaid with images of persons, places, and things, you choose. Overlaid with images of persons, places or things.  Students will also mount their (2) finished pieces for hanging.


Tuition $675  Plus Class Materials Fee: $225 

(7) defined printing on Glass Techniques

Total Class Dues of $900

Lunch is included all 4 days of class. 


*After completion of the class, students will have access to purchase services, supplies and print making tools for future glass printing projects to help you continue on in your own studio endeavors and ideas that incorporate your new learned glass printmaking techniques and concepts.