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Custom Family Crest.  Clients supplied an image of their family crest and we designed and fabricated it into a leaded, stained glass panel.  All lettering and design embeleshiments were hand-painted and kiln-fired for permanency.  The belt accessories were 'plated' and or 'stacked' on-top of the intial leaded panel and the hand is also plated onto the panel so as to make it seem as it is holding the crescent moon. Finished size with the stained oak framing at 31"  x  19  3/4"

We welcome all inquiries for family crests commissions. 

 image002Family Crest





102_0363  Family Crest - Left

Custom Family Crest Design.  Interior door

panel.  Leaded.  Hand-painted, kiln-fired

elements.  23k gold foil, fused and hand

gilded for the center shield. 2 Panels.

Interior Door Panels.  Lions to face eachother

in install of the clients home.

*Family name in upper banner has been

blurred for client's privacy and to publish

in our portfolio.  Finished size is 26"  x 92"

Insulated glass Unit.


Local Business Company Logo.

Interior Leaded Door Panel.

Hand-painted, kiln-fired center image.

Perimeter jewels hand-cut, cast glass,

custom made to match existing jewels

in the interior entryway lighting fixure.

Building is on the 'National Historical 

Monument Registry'  Finished size

22"  x 39"  Oval.



Family Crest - Left